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Student Information

  • Driver's License Form Procedure: In order to obtain the school attendance form that is needed for a driver's permit, a student must sign up in the front office. The request list is typically processed in 24 hours; students may pick up the form the next day. In order to complete the form, a student must not be categorized as truant, nor can he have excessive discipline referrals. When signing up in the office, a student must be 15 years of age in order for the computer to process your attendance form. It will not print before the age of 15 years old. Attendance forms are for driver's permits; it is not required to obtain your license. Parking passes (for your vehicle) are $20.00 and can be purchased from the bookkeeper's office. You will receive the actual tag from Mr. Crowson.

  • Inclement Weather Policy: When winter weather approaches, please note that if schools are out, no one will be in the office to answer phones nor will the website be updated to let you know. Your first point of reference should be our school's social networking sites. You could also check CBS, NBC, or ABC local news. The Leader and Action News 5 social networking sites are excellent resources. After a missed day of school, the odd/even schedule resumes. (If we are not in school on an odd day, for example, then the next day will be odd.) School starts at 7:32; watch for hourly delays as well.
  • Multi-Media Policy: If a device is confiscated, the phone can be picked up at the end of the day in the front office by a parent or guardian.
  • Check Out Policy: Students must have guardian's permission to check out. After 5 checkouts, parents must check out students in person. Seniors must have Coach Crowson's signature. No student may check out after 2:15 pm.