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Student Organizations

Clubs and Organizations
Organization Sponsor(s) Requirements
Baseball Buddies
Margarette Alsbrook
Students must be on the varsity baseball team and approved by Coach Wood.
Book Club
Beth Bursi
Brighton Buddies
Laura Drew Holmes and Emily Stewart
Senior football players are selected by Coach David. (not meeting in 2021-2022 school year.)
Cardinal Council
Rachel Burke
Students are voted on by the student body in the spring semester; must have a 3.0 GPA
Chess Club
Peter Gillespie
Club 1619
Latrell Bryant
Cornhole Club
Becky McBride
Jackie Howard
April Howard and Danielle Smith
Hayden Scott
Katy Greathouse and Kate Scott
Fishing Team
Brantley Tillman  
Swayne Huffman, Terri Lea, Dana Mills, and Shelby Newman  
Camille Ballard, Jodi Lloyd, and Lori Witherington  
Knowledge Bowl Kim Collier See website.
Mu Alpha Theta Kim Collier See website.
National Honor Society
Michelle Daniels
Student must be in (at least) 10th grade and maintain a cumulative 3.3 GPA.
Robotics Cheryl Jacobs  
SADD Brian Norton  
Science Club Cheryl Jacobs  
Spanish Honor Society
Latrell Bryant, Carla Kelly, and Hannah Rushing  
Youth Alive
Jennifer Turner  
Credit-Earning Organizations
Class Teacher Requirements
Jonathan Findley
Band is open to all grades. Students must tryout to be a member. Class meets third period each day.
Color Guard (Band)
Courtney Harris
Color guard is open to grades 9-12. Students must tryout. Color guard members attend band during 3 even.
Matthew Bowsher
BHS has 3 different choirs: show choir honor choir, and concert choir. Choir is open to all students, and they must try out. Choir meets as a class period.
Carla Kelly
Students must be in 11 or 12 grade. Students must apply to be a member. Class meets 3 Even.
Laura Drew Holmes
Students must be in 11th or 12 grade and apply. Students have to have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible. Class meets 3 Even.
*Broadcasting and Yearbook are coded as "Journalism I," which is a humanities credit. Students may take Journalism II; it will be an elective credit.
TSSAA Athletics
All athletes must have a current physical on file.
Sport Head Coach(es)
Baseball Ryan Wood
Basketball (Boys) Stan Gatlin
Basketball (Girls) Keagan Bran
Bowling Kim Greer
Cheerleading Camille Ballard
Cross Country Brian Oswalt and Reed Spicer
Football Mike David (varsity), Keagan Bran (freshmen)
Golf Kim Greer
Soccer (Boys) Austin Chapman
Soccer (Girls) Kelsi Williams
Softball Robin Jacobs and Emily Stewart
Tennis Kim Greer
Track and Field Courtney McGinnis and Hayden Scott
Volleyball Jackie Barrom