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BHS Progressive Discipline




Attendance Expectations: 

1) Student absent on a due-date will be expected to present assignment the day of return; if due dates were public prior to absent and they occur on date of return, student will be expected to present assignment (Teachers…you can provide guidance in your syllabus if conflicting) 

2) Students shall not travel on a field trip if an unexcused absence occurs the DAY BEFORE the field trip.   

3) Once a student accrues 15 absences, excused or unexcused, the student will NOT be allowed to participate in fieldtrips. 

4) Senior contract will be provided to all seniors on January 1. It will stipulate attendance and behavior expectations required to participate in the graduation commencement.   

5) Revocation of driver’s license or permit or the inability to acquire will occur when a student has more than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) reported unexcused absences during any semester.  In order to qualify for reclaiming a driver’s permit or license, the student must make a passing grade in at least three (3) full unit subjects or their equivalency at the conclusion of a subsequent grading period. 


Care of School Property 

1st offense: 3 detentions and restitution 

2nd offense:  2 Sat Schools and restitution 

3rd offense:  3 day suspension 

4th offense:  ALC 


Cell phone and personal devices 

1st offense:  device confiscated and returned to parent after regular hours 

2nd offense: device confiscated and returned to parent after regular hours and student receives 3 days ISP 

3rd offense:  device confiscated and returned to parent after regular hours and student loses privilege of having cell phone and personal devices on campus for remainder of year 


Classroom/School/Cafeteria behavior MINOR (this is after teacher has exhausted measures)(includes profanity in general conversation) 

1st offense: 1 detention 

2nd offense: 2 detentions 

3rd offense:  3 detentions  

4th offense:  1 Saturday School 

5th offense:  2 Saturday Schools 

6th offense:  3 days ISP 

7th offense:  1 day out of school suspension 

8th offense:  3 day suspension 

9th  offense:  ALC 


Classroom/School behavior MAJOR (these are things that warrant immediate office referral) 

Cheating, insubordination, refusal to identify self, profanity toward peers 

1st offense:  5 days detention 

2nd offense: 2 Sat Schools 

3rd offense:  3 days ISP 

4th offense:  3 day suspension 


Cutting class/leaving school without authorization 

1st offense:  2 Sat Schools 

2nd offense: 3 days ISP 

3rd offense:  ALC 


Dress Code Violation 

1st offense:  1 detention 

2nd offense:  3 detentions 

3rd offense: 1 Saturday School 

4th offense:  3 days ISP 

5th offense: suspension due to insubordination 


Failure to attend detention 

1st offense:  makeup the missed detention PLUS 1 additional detentions 

2nd offense:  makeup the missed detention PLUS one Sat School 

3rd offense:  makeup the missed detention PLUS 3 days ISP 

4th offense:  makeup the missed detention PLUS 2 day suspension 

5th offense:  makeup the missed detention PLUS 3 day suspension 

6th offense:  referral to ALC 

If student is suspended and is scheduled for detention on the days of suspension, the missed detentions WILL NOT have to be rescheduled.  

Fieldtrips are NOT an excuse to miss detention. 

Club meetings, sports practices, etc are NOT reasons to miss detention 


Failure to attend Sat School 

Without a doctor’s excuse, you will report to 3 days of ISP 

2nd miss: 2 day suspension 

3rd miss:  referral to ALC 



1st offense:  3 days of out of school suspension & 5 days ISP & 4 detentions 

2nd offense:  5 days suspension, referral to ALC 

To argue self defense, you must have not initiated (verbally, physically, or otherwise) and you must retreat if you can or neutralize the force being used against you, after which you must stop using force.   



Severity of the harassment may warrant additional measures but this is a start…. 

1st offense: 3 days detention 

2nd offense: 3 days ISP 

3rd offense:  5 day suspension 

4th offense:  ALC 


Out of place such as being in OFF LIMIT locations/Not having a hallpass 

1st offense:  1 detention 

2nd offense:  3 detentions 

3rd offense:  1 sat school  

4th offense: 3 days ISP 



Register car and hang car tag.  Do NOT loiter in parking lot.  Obey speed and other traffic laws.  No one goes to parking lot without first consulting FRONT OFFICE.  

Tag not visible: 1 detention each time 

Other violations: 

1st offense:  3 detentions 

2nd offense:  2 Sat schools and loss of driving privilege for 1 week 

3rd offense:  3 days of ISP and loss of driving privilege for 1 month 

4th offense:  loss of driving privilege for remainder of school year 


Possession of fireworks, explosive devices or odorous devices 

1st offense:  3 days of ISP 

2nd offense:  suspension (it will depend on severity of infraction) 


Profanity TOWARD an adult will result in automatic 5 day suspension 


Public Display of Affection 

1st offense:  2 detentions 

2nd offense: 1 week of detention 

3rd offense:  1 sat school  

4th offense:  2 Sat schools 

5th offense: 3 days of ISP 

6th offense: 3 day suspension 

7th offense:  ALC 





1st violation:  juvenile court citation and 3 days of detention 

2nd violation:  juvenile court citation and 3 days of  ISP 

3rd violation:  juvenile court citation and 3 day suspension 

4th violation: juvenile court citation and ALC 

Consequences same for students 18 and older; however, they will NOT receive the citation 


Student ID Requirement 

1st violation:  warning 

2nd violation:  1 detention 

3rd violation:  2 detentions 

4th violation:  3 detentions 

5th violation:  1 Saturday School 

6th violation:  2 Saturday Schools 

7th violation:  3 days ISP 

8th violation:  1 day out of school suspension 

9th violation:  3 day out of school suspension 

10th violation:  4 weeks ALC 



1st offense:  warning 

2nd offense:  1 detention 

3rd offense: 2 detentions 

4th offense:  3 detentions 

5th offense:  1 sat school 

6th offense:  2 sat schools 

7th offense:  3 days ISP 

8th offense:  3 days out of school suspension 

9th offense:  referral to ALC