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Brighton's Got Game

How can you earn points for your class?
  • homecoming tshirt sales
  • FCCLA LeBonheur Hearts ($1 each)
  • hallway decorations
  • class banners
  • winning games
Monday CLUE White Lies
Possible Games: Food Relay, Banana Pass, Cheetos Toss, Tug of War, Egg Toss, Bunny Hop, Twister, 3-Legged Race
Tuesday CANDY LAND All the Bright Colors!
Possible Games: Ping Pong, Table Surfing, Foot Balloon Up, Balloon Stomp, Balloon Relay, Trash Can Game, Plunger Wars, Wheelbarrow Race, Piggyback Race
Wednesday MONOPOLY Mediterranean vs. Boardwalk (Hollywood vs. Hillbilly)
Possible Games: Boys' Volleyball
Thursday LIFE Different Generation (Dress as a different stage in life)
Possible Games: Boys Cheerleading, Class Pyramid, Limbo, Worm Race, Knee Trembler, Hula Hoop Race, Hula Hoop Catch, Crazy Bowling
Friday CHESS Check Mate! Wear your class shirt or all the red white and black you can pile on!
Pep Rally
Bring It game
Homecoming Court
Class of 2027
  • Ava Ballard
  • Christyn Coleman
  • Madyn Greathouse
  • Alandria Griggs
Class of 2026
  • Reese Davis
  • Zaniya Hunt
  • Olivia Ralph
  • Keegan Stepp
Class of 2025
  • Olivia Balyeat
  • Jade Davis-Luttrell
  • Cassie Lancaster
Class of 2024
  • Blaise Barr
  • Taylor Channell
  • Mariah Maclin
  • Maddie Shelton