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This Just In!

Teachers will give exams in all class, except those with an EOC, SDC, or AP exam. If the student has a lb attached to that class, there WILL be an exam in that lab class. No exam can be taken early.

May 23

1 and 2 Odd Exams

3 and 4 Odd-Classes as normal.


May 24

1 and 2 Even Exams

3 and 4 Even-Classes as normal.


May 25

1 and 2 Odd-classes as normal.

3 and 4 Odd-Exams


May 26

Half day for teachers and students

7:32 3 Odd exam

9:16 4 Odd exam


If students are checking out, a parent will have to provide a note for the student to leave with the teacher for documentation. The student will sign out with the teacher. Buses will run at normal times.